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The Mission

Our mission revolves around a grassroots approach to training people to solve their own financial challenges and give them the tools they need to succeed. RealTalk provides intelligent budgeting, financial advisory and investment management resources at low or no-cost, which would otherwise be out of their reach. We are providing the guidance to help people develop a long-term strategy, which allows our members to achieve their life goals. RealTalk wants to help people help themselves--teach them how to fish and they will eat for a life time.

As a company, our product offering is superior to anything in the current marketplace, because we are putting the people's needs first and developing a user-centric product. We're not just crunching numbers and generating fancy charts & graphs, we're attacking a well-defined problem that is misaligned and misdirected with the core foundation of education. The solution starts with RealTalk and ends with real action.

Our software, at its core, is a cloud-based, budgeting and lifestyle management service focused on changing the mindset of how people think about their money. This is achieved by designing a proprietary, cognitive decision engine that acts as a virtual financial advisor; monitoring metrics & behavioral patterns and guiding users through realistic decisions based upon their goals. We teach them the best practices for budgeting, targeting debt, saving, and investing with financial professionals. Our company has partnered with a group of financial advisors to assist with learning how to best leverage low-risk, low-entry point investment opportunities and begin creating an atmosphere of long-term stability for themselves and their families.

Why You Need RealTalk

REALTALK: OUR GOAL IS TO HELP EVERYONE BECOME DEBT FREE--FROM RED TO BLACK We are committed to your success and changing the prevalent lack of money management in our communities
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